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Credit Unions: Different by Design – Self Study

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Credit unions are different by design, but engrossed in their day-to-day work, it can be difficult for employees to see and feel “the difference”. This engaging eight-module course explores why and how we are different by design from several perspectives.

It starts with our roots – with the social and economic forces that sparked a movement founded on seven co-operative principles, the heart of our difference. After building out our identity as financial co-operatives, we look at our role as regulated deposit-taking financial institutions. With the constraint of increasing regulation, heightened competition and the need to be profitable businesses, credit unions can be hard to distinguish from other competitors. Yet, we are different and need to remain so. Therein lies the challenge. How do we build resilient businesses and sustain our difference in a way that is relevant? Learners will leave the course with a stronger sense of how credit unions...

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