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Credit Union Financial Management 4th Edition – Cohort

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This course has two primary components: the study guide and textbook. The textbook, the Fundamentals of Corporate Finance, is a university level textbook on corporate finance that provides the theoretical framework of the course. It is the student’s responsibility to purchase the correct textbook edition for their study guide. The study guide focuses on the application of this theoretical framework to financial institutions and specifically, credit unions.

What is a Cohort?

A cohort or online class is an alternative to independent study. Cohort participants work with a subject matter expert (facilitator) and network with other credit union employees taking the same courses. Facilitators use an online forum to guide and pace students through the course. For those who find learning with others more satisfying or who find a particular subject more challenging, joining a cohort is an option. Our cohorts have a defined start and end date based on covering...

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