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Commercial Credit - Governance, Delinquency and Risk – Recorded Webinar

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There is always a degree of risk in investing/lending; but as financial institutions, managing risk is our business. So, how are we doing in terms of managing and governing commercial credit risk?

Aggregate loan data indicates that the percentage of delinquency in credit unions’ commercial loan portfolios is as high as three times that of their ‘all other lending’ portfolio. Dr. Peter Goth reviews the data while suggesting areas of risk in the commercial lending process that warrant boards’ consideration as part of their policy and oversight functions. Dr. Goth will present and discuss:

  • Loan data
  • Potential risks in the internal lending process
  • Potential risks created in the external environment
  • The composition and management of the commercial loan portfolio.

*The live version of this webinar took place on January 28th, 2016.

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