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Supervisor Training – MSR Accreditation Program

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Goal of the MSR Accreditation Supervisor Training

Supervisors have a key role in the success of the MSR Accreditation Program. The Supervisor guides, supports, provides feedback and coaches frontline staff as they progress through the Accreditation Process. The MSR Accreditation Supervisor Training is aimed at those supervisors/managers who will be coaching and auditing their frontline staff’s progress through the MSR Accreditation Program. Supervisors will gain in-depth knowledge of the industry-defined standards, the accreditation process and the methods used to assess whether their employees are meeting the performance standards. This course will also build key leadership skills, such as providing coaching and feedback, to ensure supervisors are well equipped to support their staff.

This course is also beneficial to those individuals who are trying to assess whether their employees are ready to begin the MSR Accreditation Program.

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