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Reading and Interpreting a Credit Report

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This 60-minute on demand eLearning module walks a learner through a standard credit report. Taking a learner centric approach, we explore the history of credit reporting to gain a better understanding of the details that can be gathered from it. One way Financial Service Representatives, and others at the credit union, use credit reports is to make informed decisions about how members use, or abuse, credit. But this is just the beginning. A standard credit report can contain information about much more. Knowing the story told by a credit report is invaluable in managing risk and spotting additional business opportunities.

This is the first module of the FSR Start Series. Reading and Interpreting a Credit Report will include the following four sections:

  • Section 1 – Credit Report Basics
  • Section 2 – Credit Report Analysis
  • Section 3 – Credit Scoring
  • Section 4 – Privacy Concerns and Business...
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