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Know Your Member, Manage Your Risk

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The relationships that we form with the members of our credit union are what sets us apart from other financial institutions. Our members are owners. Decisions are made locally and our communities grow and prosper because of our efforts. Knowing our member is an inherent part of our business. But is there more to it?

This 60-minute eLearning module introduces the learner to the Know Your Member (KYM) concepts. It explores the basics of Enterprise Risk Management, showing how knowing your member, and keeping member information up to date a critical component of ERM. It also identifies how up-to-date member information can be used to grow your business through the use of strategic outbound calls and relationship servicing.

This is the second module of the FSR Start Series. Know Your Member, Manage Your Risk will include the following four sections:

  • Section One: Know Your Member
  • Section Two: Enterprise Risk Management
  • Section Three:...
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