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Your Role in Asset Liability Management

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Most credit unions today face the increasingly difficult challenge of meeting member product, price and service expectations while still achieving adequate profit levels. Managing financial margin continues to be a fundamental, strategic initiative. Having a basic understanding of Asset Liability Management (ALM), and the role it plays in the financial well-being of a credit union, is essential for all member facing positions, including Financial Service Representatives (FSRs). A knowledgeable FSR has the ability to support the credit union’s strategies by understanding why one product, or terms, may be favoured over another. This 60-minute eLearning module also explains why managing ALM can make writing and referring loans, and attracting deposits, feel like a moving target. It can be difficult to grow both sides of the balance sheet but it’s something that should stay top of mind at all times.

This is the third module of the FSR Start Series. Your Role in...

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