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Trusts, Power of Attorney, and Other Conversations

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A member’s standard transaction, one you see every day, may be easy to handle. But what about those more difficult member interactions? When someone presents a Power or Attorney document for an elderly member’s account. What do you do? Or a young member arrives to remove funds from their account for a school trip. You pull up the account and note that it is set up In Trust For. What now? Or when a potential new member is acting aggressively after you’ve ask for additional information. Should you be concerned about risk? Where do you start? In this 60-minute eLearning module, you will be introduced to these types of complex member situations. You’ll be provided the background information you need to manage the conversation and you will have the opportunity to fine-tune your communications skills so that you preserve the relationship.

This is the fourth module of the FSR Start Series. Trusts, Power of Attorney and Other conversations will...

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