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Member Sales and Service Workshop

CUSOURCE / 1. Employee Instructor Led Course Catalogue / 1.6 Relationship Building / Sales and Service

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Traditional Sales and Service. Simple words for a very complex and ever evolving approach to taking care of members. In the past, it was sufficient to know your members name, service their requests and call them if there was a problem with their account. That is no longer enough.

Members have questions. Members have financial needs. Members have access to more information regarding making financial decisions than ever before. How do we help them navigate those waters? What part do we plan in helping them achieve their financial priorities? And how can we ensure we’re prepared to not only answer their questions, but ask thought provoking questions of our own that will uncover their hidden needs?

In this 2-day workshop; Member Sales and Service, we’ll explore what it takes to really get to know your member. We’ll learn the importance of powerful questions and why it’s important to keep the lines of communication open. Participants will...

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