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The Heart of Coaching Certification

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The participants will first attend the two day workshop as follows: Based on Tom Crane’s book, The Heart of Coaching, workshop fully equips managers with the dialogue-based approach to enhance performance. This workshop provides a powerful and versatile “tool kit” of 7 coaching conversations that fit any scenario – coaching one’s boss or peers, providing efficient Coaching Shorthand, Team Coaching, Problem-Solving Coaching, or just delivering simple encouraging feedback.

So that desired behavioural change can be made permanent, we teach how to explore the coachee’s beliefs that drive their behaviours. We present this in a framework called “The Results Cycle.” The Results Cycle demonstrates the connection between Beliefs, Behaviours, Relationships, and Results and serves as the organizing structure for the information on which feedback is based.

“Coaching is the art of assisting others to enhance their...

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