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Recommending Insured Mortgages with Improvements

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Now offered in eLearning as part of the FSR Program!

This 30-minute module incorporates a high-level overview of the features and benefits of both insurance provider’s purchase with improvement funds product. It will challenge you with detailed highly interactive screens that are designed to promote learning application. The member scenarios are realistic and require a thorough analysis, a comprehensive understanding of mortgage financing, and a knowledge of how members achieve financial fitness through the use of product.

Recommending an insured mortgage, with additional funds for improvements, is an excellent way for Financial Service Representatives (FSRs) and lenders to meet member needs. These products also benefit the credit union by proactively mitigating cash-flow and debt management problems before they happen.

With a high level of learner interactivity this module will help build confidence and professionalism in dealing with more...

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