Expand/collapse block Fall 2017 Governance Webinar Series: Navigating Difficult Discussions (Single Buy)

Fall 2017 Governance Webinar Series: Navigating Difficult Discussions (Single Buy)

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July 17 2017 3:00 pm to September 7 2017 8:00 pm

Session Dates

September 14 2017, 12:00 pm to 1:15 pm

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September 7 2017 8:00 pm



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An effective board should not necessarily be a comfortable place. Challenge, as well as teamwork, is an essential feature.

That’s a quote from the U.K.Financial Reporting Council publication titled, “Guidance on Board Effectiveness”. People express themselves differently. We ‘hear’ through different filters. We’re passionate about different things. That passion can lead to heated discussions and disagreements which may negatively effect board processes and activities.

This session explores strategies for navigating difficult discussions. It also provides practical tools to manage confrontational circumstances in a way that encourages and maintains active, constructive board dialogue and engagement.

Join Craig Ervine, LL.M., Ph.D. - Chair, Quinte First Credit Union – for a stimulating and insightful discussion on managing the difficult conversations that can sabotage constructive dialogue and decision-making.

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