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A Frontline Guide to the Mutual Fund Industry

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According to The Investment Funds Institute of Canada, 33% (4.9 million) of Canadian households hold mutual funds. What’s more, half of mutual fund investors had less than $25,000 to invest when they first started using an advisor. So, the question becomes, how many of your members invest in mutual funds or rather, how many of your members are holding back because they feel their investment level isn’t substantial enough to explore this option?

Now it’s your turn. As a Financial Service Representative (FSR), are you comfortable starting a conversation with a member about mutual funds? What will your response be when your member says they probably don’t have enough money to consider investing?

This 30-minute module will demystify mutual fund terms, provide a general overview of the industry, and give you the parameters you need to start conversations as a non-licensed, but trusted financial professional.

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