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Preventing Identity Theft

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With so much business and communication now happening online, identity theft has become a major problem. Organizations often hold a great deal of personally identifiable information, or PII, about clients. Retaining this data makes transactions more convenient, but it also provides opportunities for identity thieves. PII that falls into the wrong hands can be used to commit financial fraud as well as other serious crimes.

In order to prevent identity theft, employees who handle client data need to be properly trained to protect PII. According to a recent report, the biggest source of data security issues is human error. With regard to data breaches where the cause was known, the report found that 36% were the result of employee negligence, 22% were perpetrated by outsiders, 16% were the result of insider theft, 14% were caused by malware, and 11% stemmed from phishing attacks.

An estimated nine million Americans have their identities stolen each year....

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