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How to Prepare for a Cyber Attack Recorded Webinar- Group Buy

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The cyber threat landscape is highly ever-changing. Financial services organizations are targets for threat actors ranging from individual hackers motivated by trying to prove their technical “street creds” to criminal groups launching ransomware. Being accountable to members is tough in this landscape. How can your board be sure your management team is well prepared to protect your organization from cyber risks?

To answer that question, guest speakers from KPMG’s Canadian Cyber Security practice, John Heaton, Partner, and Darren Jones, Director, provide practical tips and leading practices to help ensure that directors can assess and challenge management’s cyber security preparedness.

This webinar is important for directors who want to be informed; it is a “must” for those serving on finance, audit and/or risk committees. The speakers work closely with credit unions and other financial institutions across Canada, helping them...

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