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ERM: Governance and Strategic Risk Oversight - The ABCs of ERM

CUSOURCE / 3. CUDA® Program Course Catalogue / 3.5 National Governance Series

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For financial institutions, enterprise risk management (ERM) is not a new concept. They are, after all, risk-based businesses. As a result, understanding the concept of ERM is not the challenge; but implementing a “living”, sustainable ERM program can be. To be effective, everyone needs to understand and actively participate in playing their role in ERM – from the top of the organization down. Well, boards are ‘the top’. So, what is your role in strategically managing risk? Maximizing opportunity? Fay Booker explains what ERM is and highlights the board’s role in ERM Governance and Strategic Risk Oversight – a series of 3 recorded webinars.

Heard others refer to ‘e-r-m’ but you aren’t comfortable with what it means, let alone your accountability as a board? You’re not alone! In this recorded webinar, learn about:

Why ERM fits a credit union’s operations.

The regulator’s...

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