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Discover Your Personal Workplace Style

CUSOURCE / 6. Everything DiSC Profiles and Training

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Through an understanding and appreciation of your DiSC® style and the styles of the people you work with, you can create effective working relationships, improve communication, and positively impact the quality of your workplace. In this 1-day course, you will learn about your DiSC® style using a research-validated learning model called Everything DiSC Workplace®.

You will learn about:

Discovering your DiSC® Style

Learn about your communication style using the DiSC® model.

Identify your style, explore the priorities that influence your actions and learn what stresses and motivates you.

Discover the similarities and differences among the DiSC® styles.

Understanding Other Styles

Discover your reactions to different DiSC® styles.

Identify what works for you and what challenges you when working with each style.

Use the DiSC® model to understand the people you work with....

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