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Low Rates, High Impact, Bold Thinking – Recorded Webinar

CUSOURCE / 3. CUDA® Program Course Catalogue / 3.5 National Governance Series

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Is your margin so squeezed that it hurts? Hoping rates will rise to ease the pain? What if they don’t go up? Or if they do, by how much and for how long do they need to stay up to make a difference? Will your member/owners tolerate the kind of spreads between deposits and loans that they used to? What if today’s low rate environment is the new normal? Where and how are you going to find the income to run a successful, competitive business? Credit union leaders need to engage in bold thinking now as a prerequisite for bold action. The playing field has changed. If you want to stay in the game, you may need some bold new strategies to find margin. Where? How?

Our guest speakers, Kelly McGiffin, CEO of FirstOntario Credit Union and Ian Glassford, CFO of Servus Credit Union, will be the first to say there is no one right answer. Every credit union as an autonomous business needs to find its own, and as leaders, that’s your job. If you want to...

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